Green2Day is a space where you can breathe freely

The building is finished with materials featuring zero or near-zero levels of airborne substances. Moreover, we have designed it to ensure proper humidity. A modern adiabatic humidification system is one of many solutions which function around the clock to support good health and better mood.

Optimal work environmentis supported by an integrated ventilation system which delivers even 30% more fresh air than required under Polish norms. The beautiful views also help keep people on the inside feeling refreshed. Over 90% of the office space has access to external windows. Those on the inside can enjoy the cityscape and the benefits of natural light sources.

Technical specification
Total leasable area (net) in building:
15 082 m2
Leasable area of a typical floor in building (net):
2 500 m2
Number of underground parking places:
Electric car charging points:
Skanska customer care

In Sweden, we build pavements which follow the paths that people vote for with their feet. We think the same way about business. The Skanska Customer Care programme joins our decades of experience with the expectations of clients. We stay connected with our clients also after the building is commissioned.

We surround our clients with support at every stage of cooperation. Each tenant is assigned an individual coordinator as soon as the contract is signed. This coordinator provides comprehensive support while monitoring the process of preparing and handing over the office, becoming a natural bridge between client and contractor, while serving as the client’s most important caretaker.