In the centre

On a bike, you see the world from an entirely different perspective. You appreciate the freedom and diversity it offers. I feel the same way about the place I work. Green2Day is the central point on my map, the place where all my paths come together – my cycling path, my social path, and my business path – all of which I can pursue in Wrocław.

Amenities in close proximity
  • Ostrów Tumski
    3 min.
  • Grunwaldzki Square
    1 min.
  • Train and Bus station
    7 min.
  • Market Square
    15 min.
  • Airport
    25 min.
The art of space

When I design a mural, I start off with choosing the subject of the image and the colours I will use. I strive to turn them into a composition that blends with its surroundings, and which maintains internal harmony. I account for everything that is unique about location, as well as the angle of the sun. These elements taken together create a mood, lead to the ultimate effect. That effect is reflected in the wall itself, but even more so on the faces of passers-by.

I feel good in green

How can we live in harmony with nature? We just have to give it a bit of space. Every free centimetre in my home is covered in greenery, and at Green2Day I love sitting outside on a patio surrounded by plants. After work I usually head over to the botanical gardens, it’s just a three-minute walk from the office.

We build for a better society

Investments are a success when they are created in a good atmosphere. When we work on a building, we listen carefully to the needs of the local community. We eagerly engage residents in the surrounding area and spend time with them. We are open to their ideas and comments. We also keep our youngest neighbours in mind, organizing workshops and other forms of recreation for children. This helps us to build good, neighbourly relations.

Skanska customer care

In Sweden, we build pavements which follow the paths that people vote for with their feet. We think the same way about business. The Skanska Customer Care programme joins our decades of experience with the expectations of clients. We stay connected with our clients also after the building is commissioned.

We surround our clients with support at every stage of cooperation. Each tenant is assigned an individual coordinator as soon as the contract is signed. This coordinator provides comprehensive support while monitoring the process of preparing and handing over the office, becoming a natural bridge between client and contractor, while serving as the client’s most important caretaker.