The future is today

We are believers in a sense of harmony: in a world full of colours, in leading an active lifestyle, in keeping a healthy balance between work and pleasure. We believe that technology and respect for the natural environment can go hand in hand. We have created a building that changes the mindset about the workplace. A place where harmony seeks you out.

“We design the spaces that people create“
Zbigniew Maćkow, Architect - Maćkow Atelier

Green2Day has been a fantastic adventure. Putting up the second building, bringing everything together to create a whole from the two parts was an extraordinary challenge. One plus one became much, much more than two. Modern facades and the public space around them are the calling cards of a city that offers the absolute highest quality of life. The community spaces in front of entrances which transition seamlessly into a new pedestrian footpath along the Odra River make for exciting new places in the centre of Wrocław. They give the city vitality and character. Green2Day will offer a spacefor over 2,000 people during their working day. Our goal was to provide them with a comfortable environment inside the building surrounded by a friendly environment outside.

Open city
“They say that art is a space without borders, but I cross them every day

when I travel to performances or when I twinkle around on the tips of my toes,entering another dimension of dance. In my thoughts I return to these moments as my plane touches down at Wrocław airport. When I feel the freedom of being back home again."


is one of Poland’s most dynamic cities. European Capital of Culture 2016, a vibrant place, proud of its concert halls, theatres and galleries. Its location, just a stone’s throw from Germany and the Czech Republic, combined with excellent infrastructure, all guarantee fantastic connections with Prague, Warsaw and Berlin.

he international airport also gives Wrocław’s residents access to other major cities around the world. Renowned institutions of higher education provide a qualified workforce, and a rich network of hotels coupled with countless tourist attractions make the city an ideal place for business meetings. The creativity, the people, and the unmatched climate of Lower Silesia’s capital make it an ideal choice for many investors.